Calah Mikal is a Nashville based singer-songwriter who sings and writes in a myriad of genres.  Originally of New Orleans, she made her way to Nashville to attend Belmont University and then called it home after graduating.

With whimsical melodies, her songs span from ambient worship to indie-alternative pop. She first made her mark in music when she released her first EP in 2016 which garnered recognition for its purity and sincerity.

The past few years she has been writing and discerning what role music will play in her life as she has written for other artists in the pop and Christian music industries while also processing changes and loss in her personal life. After three years, she is finally ready to release songs that stemmed from what she calls her bedroom altar, the place where she dug deep in honesty to heal from unexpected pain and grace that met her this past year.

“An Ocean” is the first of three singles she plans to release before she records a full length project in late 2019.